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“I want to take a moment to tell you how I have been able to breath so freely, so deeply since we spoke earlier today.
The realm of goodness this soul retrieval journey is giving me feels boundless and infinite. Thank you.

I’ve been thinking about the innocent/feminine piece of me that left to find refuge during the decade-long tornado. It resonates so much: how many times have I looked at pictures of me, even last week, so sad because I could not recognize who this was. The fact that SHE is back is real.  My heart is bouncing with “Light, Love & Joy.”  I feel so free!”

~AJV, Quebec City, Canada

“I do have my answers. Laura didn’t give them to me. She really just listened, asked well-placed questions, and witnessed me finding the answers in my own heart. What a gift. I’m truly, truly grateful for the “permission” she has helped me to give to myself to stretch and risk and win.”

~LB, Mocksville, NC


~KL, Greensboro, NC

“I met Laura when I was going thru a difficult transition and needed to make some major decisions. I felt stuck. Laura gently listened without judging my experience and without giving me “the answers” held a space for me to find my way. Her calm and caring presence, nurturing and intuitive nature represents to me the divine feminine. I consider Laura to be a natural facilitator and guiding light to our own inner awareness and innate wisdom. She has found her calling. Thank you Laura.”

~ SS, Winston-Salem, NC

“When Laura suggested that I could benefit from a shamanic healing session, I had been going through months of dealing with loss and grief and my bipolar depression was about to get the best of me. Although I’d been through months of severe depression, I was at a point of being manic and I was getting few hours of sleep each night and becoming seriously fatigued. Immediately after Laura’s session, something shifted in me chemically and I started resting at least 10 hours a night. It has been that way ever since.

While Laura continued to send me positive energy, warmth and affection from across the miles, it communicated itself to me through a dream and I felt the effects of that dream all day the following day…..heart and soul!

I completely trust Laura and I’ve grown to love her over the years and have great respect for the gentle but powerful work that she does!”

~KM, Springdale AR