“Laura is a wonderful coach.  She has an easy and gentle way of holding space that allows me to really tap into myself. Instead of focusing on the doing and busy-ness of recreating myself, which is the style of many coaches, she instead really enabled me to see how I was Being…. and when I put attention on this, things changed.  The changes have been profound, deep and long lasting.”

~MP, Seattle, WA

“One of the things I’ve learned in my sessions with Laura is that practical solutions alone may not help improve life circumstances. During a very difficult period of unemployment and feeling trapped living with family, what helped most was not just taking concrete actions like revamping my resume and stepping up my job search. It was the integration work Laura helped me do to start forgiving a toxic parent. Once I was able to clear away some of the debilitating anger and resentment, the job and the apartment quickly fell into place.

One of the things I appreciate most about Laura’s coaching is that she helps me stay in touch with who I am and  what I value, things I lose sight of when I’m consumed by a demanding schedule and have little down time. She takes a holistic view and helps me restore balance and get in touch with what’s important to me that I’m not pursuing, making time for or following through on that I need to be happy.

~LW, Jamestown, NC


“Laura Luykx entered my path at a perfect time and I am ever so grateful for her. I could say an endless list of wonderful things that would “WOW” others to want to have Laura as their coach, like that she is flexible, patient, kind, intelligent, generous, resourceful, diligent, etc. However, this is what you really need to know about Laura; she is a “heart listener” and is motivated to see you get what you really want in life!”

~LG, Aiken, SC

“Laura helped see me through an emotional downturn that gave me valuable insight about my life’s direction. All in all, through Laura’s listening and reflection I began to see clearly that my personal mission in life is expressed through all the various aspects of my career – right NOW! Which is going great – by the way!”

~JS, Artist and Designer, Young Harris, GA

“After a fall that left my knees inflamed and in pain a month later, a mutual friend suggested I let Laura use her shamanic tools/abilities to see if she could help in their healing process. I will admit, I entered the session as a skeptic and came out as a believer in her skills. Not only did my physical pain diminish but while working on one of my knees, Laura told me about built up anger that was present from when I was 7 or 8 years old. Although Laura and I have known each other for many years, she had no knowledge of what events had occurred in my life when I was 8.

After this, Laura used her abilities to help my dog who was severely ill. She focused on him while he was staying overnight at the veterinarian office. Laura felt his illness was due to a bug or berry he ate and that around his heart, she sensed he had old hurt. (Unbeknownst to Laura, my dog had been abandoned by his first owner.) She reassured him how much I wanted him and for him to get better so he could come home. The next morning the vet was surprised and pleased with how quickly my dog recovered and he was ready to come home. Since his return home, he has a new sense of confidence/security about him. Thank you Laura for healing both me and my dog!”

~MRC, Boyertown, PA



“I want to take a moment to tell you how I have been able to breath so freely, so deeply since we spoke earlier today.
The realm of goodness this soul retrieval journey is giving me feels boundless and infinite. Thank you.

I’ve been thinking about the innocent/feminine piece of me that left to find refuge during the decade-long tornado. It resonates so much: how many times have I looked at pictures of me, even last week, so sad because I could not recognize who this was. The fact that SHE is back is real.  My heart is bouncing with “Light, Love & Joy.”  I feel so free!”

~AJV, Quebec City, Canada

“I do have my answers. Laura didn’t give them to me. She really just listened, asked well-placed questions, and witnessed me finding the answers in my own heart. What a gift. I’m truly, truly grateful for the “permission” she has helped me to give to myself to stretch and risk and win.”

~LB, Mocksville, NC


~KL, Greensboro, NC

“I met Laura when I was going thru a difficult transition and needed to make some major decisions. I felt stuck. Laura gently listened without judging my experience and without giving me “the answers” held a space for me to find my way. Her calm and caring presence, nurturing and intuitive nature represents to me the divine feminine. I consider Laura to be a natural facilitator and guiding light to our own inner awareness and innate wisdom. She has found her calling. Thank you Laura.”

~ SS, Winston-Salem, NC

“When Laura suggested that I could benefit from a shamanic healing session, I had been going through months of dealing with loss and grief and my bipolar depression was about to get the best of me. Although I’d been through months of severe depression, I was at a point of being manic and I was getting few hours of sleep each night and becoming seriously fatigued. Immediately after Laura’s session, something shifted in me chemically and I started resting at least 10 hours a night. It has been that way ever since.

While Laura continued to send me positive energy, warmth and affection from across the miles, it communicated itself to me through a dream and I felt the effects of that dream all day the following day…..heart and soul!

I completely trust Laura and I’ve grown to love her over the years and have great respect for the gentle but powerful work that she does!”

~KM, Springdale AR