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Are You A Seeker?

And I’m not talking about playing Quidditch either (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just ask a Harry Potter fan.)  I’m talking about someone who is always on the lookout for books, workshops, quotes, friends, teachers, etc. who will help them get a little closer to their personal and professional goals.  I’ve been […]

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Peeling the Onion

I began really looking for myself about 8 years ago.  Up until that time I didn’t necessarily even realize that I was missing, but I knew I wasn’t happy and that I wasn’t dealing well with the things that life was handing me.  I needed to get some better coping tools and fast!  I met […]

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Intuition – A Round-table Discussion

This morning’s radio spot was a round table discussion about the nature of intuition with the members of Co-Creative Evolution (CCE).  CCE is a diverse group of practitioners who offer a variety of mind/body/spirit health services and practices in Winston-Salem, NC. However, they are also much more than that. Co-Creative Evolution is about an innovative […]

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