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More About Shamanic Soul Work and Energy Healing:

Shamanic work allows us to go beyond the conscious mind to find what the soul desires and where it needs reassurance, reaffirmation and healing.  This kind of work puts you in contact with both your deep inner knowing and your spiritual allies, providing insight and a greater sense of wholeness. 

Shamanic healing work helps to restore pieces of your essential self which may have broken off during a difficult or stressful time.  When you are more whole, you are better able to create your life rather than just reacting to it.

“Shamanism is not a faith, but a wisdom tradition in which we learn purely from our own individual, collective and personal experience. It is not a religion and is dogma-free; indeed it supports any existing spiritual practice one already has. Many of us deeply desire a connection to our own ‘soulfulness’ and that of all other living beings in a free and natural way. This is the essence of Shamanism.”  -John Cantwell

We tend to store emotions and experiences in our body, and hands-on work helps to release these stuck places, putting our energy systems back into greater balance.

I had an enormous energetic shift today working with Laura Luykx.  She is not only a powerful coach but an enormous conduit for cleansing and restorative energy.   I have never had that big of a shift in one session.  We were working on many levels and I feel like I am a new woman. ~PH, Winston-Salem, NC