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Do You Know Your Call?

I am really humbled by all the interest and support I’ve been getting around beginning this shamanic apprenticeship.  People ask me all the time how it’s going and I’ve felt a bit at a loss to tell them anything specific, other than that it’s been going really well and I feel very much at home.  Much of the work we are doing at this point is internal work, which isn’t that easy to describe.  It’s extremely important as a foundation for particular skills that I’ll be learning later, but it doesn’t make for very good conversation.

However, today I realized though that there are a lot of parallels between what I’m doing as an apprentice and what anyone who is on a path of self-discovery and growth might experience.  For instance, we had a recent lesson about knowing your call.  Just being drawn to receive healing work from a shamanic practitioner is a call in and of itself, and a not unimportant one.  Many people believe that this type of deep, transformative work heals not only the person worked on, but that the healing ripples out in to the family, community and to the world at large.

Another type of call is to learn shamanic practices as a path towards personal growth.  Again, this is a perfectly valid and important call, which benefits not only the student, but those around her as well.  A third type of call is to take what you have learned to assist others in their growth and healing.  None of us were accepted into the apprenticeship unless it was sure that this last type of call was the one we were experiencing and yet each of us was a bit unsure at first about whether or not we “had what it takes” to do this kind of work.  Once we felt our call in our core, rather than just in our heads though, everyone got a lot more relaxed.  We still have much to learn, however  In fact, this type of study never really ends but I do go into it knowing that I am really on the right track for me and that feels wonderful!

Next time I’ll write about how you can know what your call is and some ways to know it in more than just your head.

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