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Amp Up Your Possibilities

Wouldn’t it be cool if all that personal growth wisdom you’ve learned about through the years wasn’t just some nice theories but could actually be verified by science?  Well, it turns out a lot of it can be.

Quantum physics is edging out classical Newtonian physics as the most generally accepted scientific theory of how the world actually works and quantum physics says that we are all connected to each other. Once we thought an atom was the smallest bit of matter, but now scientists have identified many, many components of atoms and have been unable to identify what the smallest particle is because on the most fundamental level, matter only exists in relationship to other things (other matter and the quantum field). Quantum physics also says that all possibilities exist simultaneously until you focus on one of them. If this blows your mind a bit, you aren’t alone. Wrapping your head around some of this stuff, especially when it is the opposite of what you learned in school, can be daunting.

Fortunately, Kim Romaner has written a book that explains, in a straightforward, easy to understand way, how some of this science works and how it relates to creating a better life for yourself. She calls it amping up your possibilities and her book is The Science of Making Things Happen: Turn Any Possibility Into Reality. The book is well-worth reading, with lots of practical tips for implementing quantum principles, but you don’t even have to read it to get a better understanding of how to bring more of what you want in to your life because I’ll be interviewing Kim on this Friday’s radio show (see sidebar for more information).

She will talk about principles from recent and little-known scientific discoveries that you can use right now to accomplish your dreams, whether those dreams are focused on career, relationships, fitness, creative projects, or business endeavors. We’ll focus specifically on managing your beliefs as a way to amp up your possibilities. What you believe is possible and what you think your constraints are have an incredible impact on what you can actually achieve, so having an empowered mindset is critical for realizing your dreams.

Not only has Kim been gathering data and interviewing scientists for many years, she’s got a fascinating personal story of how her own journey for scientific proof of transformational truisms began. Her world was shattered when she was literally hit by a truck two weeks after separating from her husband. Be sure to tune into the interview to hear the rest of the story and to get some practical tips for amping up your possibilities. If you aren’t able to listen to it live, an on-demand recording is available.

I too have had the experience of the rug being pulled out from under my life (a couple of times actually), only to see that it left me with a blank slate and an opportunity to begin creating whatever I wanted to replace it. However, you don’t need to experience disaster in order to realize that you live in a world full of possibility.

One of the most valuable things that I do with clients is to help them see that there are always many more options available to them than appear at first glance. It’s so easy to get stuck in the rut of our usual way of perceiving the world that developing the skill of looking past that for new opportunities opens up a whole new world. You really can bring more of what your heart desires into your everyday life – you just have to amp up your possibilities.

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