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Step Three – Reevaluate Your Perspective

3.  Determine why you maintain that perspective. What isn’t working about it? How is it standing in your way?

If something about how you see yourself and the world isn’t working, why do you continue to maintain that perspective? If you believe that it’s “just the way things are,” you couldn’t be more mistaken. Reality isn’t an objective thing; your reality is largely influenced by your thoughts about it, and this is not just a personal growth maxim. In fact, scientists have recently proven that by simply observing an experiment the observer has a bearing on the outcome. Creating that experiment was pretty tricky, but it did confirm what is frequently known as the “observer effect.”  I’m not suggesting that you should make up a false interpretation of your life, or look at the world through rose-colored-glasses, but there are other, more empowering interpretations of what you observe. Take a look at the ways that you are creating your reality and notice which ones are keeping you from moving towards the life that you really want to have.

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