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Step 5 – What Are the Details?

5.  Examine the details of this new outlook.  What will you do differently? What will you add in? When you feel yourself going off course, how will you remind yourself to come back to who you really are and who you aspire to be?

pink receiptsIt may take some time to get used to a new outlook and to really feel that it is authentically yours, but as with any new habit, consistent practice over time will help it to solidify.  Look at the details and find ways to really make it your own.  What are some things that you’ve gotten very clear that you want to do or think about differently now that you see how they do not contribute to the life that you are creating for yourself?

What are some new things that you want to add in?  Are there new tools or habits you want to cultivate?  Make a detailed plan for adding those things in.  Are there people that you want to begin spending more time with who have a similar outlook? 

This last part is really crucial, because we are all human beings who make mistakes and fall down. Don’t forget to make a plan for how you’ll catch yourself when you are drifting away from who you really aspire to be? 

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