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Reclaiming Your Body – Radio Interview

This month I’ll be talking with Coco Rosenblatt-Farrell, founder and facilitator of the women’s collective, “Women Awake,” the experiential learning series “Reclaiming Your Body,” and her newest project “Shake Your Beauty: Ecstatic Dance for Women.”

"Coco Rosenblatt-Farrell

Coco developed Reclaiming Your Body out of her own experiences of feeling at war with her body. She finally realized that she was trying to nourish her spiritual hunger with food and that awareness changed everything.  Some of her offerings include a 6-week teleclass on “The Art of Intuitive Eating” and an 8-week teleclass entitled “Sacred Hunger: Getting to the Heart of Overeating.”  Coco’s other projects stem from a desire to move joyfully, to embrace her authentic self and to share these with others.

She is an avid explorer on the path of Consciousness, and has always enjoyed sharing her discoveries with others, particularly when those discoveries have brought about an increased sense of inner peace, unconditional love, and boundless joy.

Join me as I go with Coco on her latest adventure as she asks herself the question “What if there is no problem?” and reveals her insights into the nature of worry, the choice for peace, and the opportunities for healing that arise from her unwavering commitment to walk her talk in all aspects of her life.  Find out more about Coco at





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Next Month’s Show

Please join me next month for a special panel discussion about Cultivating Intuition with the members of Co-Creative Evolution – a collaborative group in Winston-Salem, NC of which I am a member.  Co-Creative Evolution is a diverse group of practitioners who offer a variety of mind/body/spirit health services and practices. However, they are also much more than that. Co-Creative Evolution is about an innovative collaboration to join forces in helping ourselves and our larger community to evolve the kind of world that we all wish to live in—one that is heart-centered, spirit-infused, authentic, sustainable, and in community.

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