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What Is Spiritual Integration, Part 2

Last month I introduced you to Spiritual Integration, which to me, means getting very clear about your values and your empowering belief systems and then leaning how to use them effectively in your everyday life. I believe that when you really know who you are and are true to that authentic self, you will have a more productive, peaceful and joyful existence and you will be able to contribute more fully to others. You’ll also have resources to rely on when life gets bumpy – a toolbox that is filled with custom-made implements designed by and for you.

I’ve put together a 6-part strategy for becoming more spiritual integrated. Here’s a brief overview of that strategy, which I offer to clients in a variety of options: a 6-session taste, a 12-session deeper exploration and a 6-month life overhaul. This is something you could always explore on your own as well, although it’s my opinion that having a sounding board helps to really flesh out each part.

The first part is getting in touch with what is most important to you. What do you believe in? What do you value? Most people haven’t given this a lot of thought and so it isn’t in the forefront of their minds, which means they can’t readily access their values when making decisions or handling stress. However, most people can easily come up with a list of 8-15 values and beliefs without too much trouble. I recommend keeping the written list where you can access it easily until it is memorized. There is always room to add or amend the list.

The second part is about examining your current perspective on life? What’s your story about who you are and how the world works? Is part of this outlook preventing you from achieving something or from feeling content with your life?

Chances are something about this perspective is disempowering, and yet it continues to be the outlook that you have. What has been the pay-off of continuing to hold this perspective? Do you get to be a martyr? Perhaps you never get around to trying something that is a bit scary? This doesn’t mean that your story isn’t true, but if it’s holding you back, maybe looking at things from a different angle would serve you better.

What would be the pay-off of creating a new story that you don’t currently have? You can’t change the facts, but you can create a more uplifting or empowering way of dealing with them. This often leads to creative solutions or renewed energy. It contributes to the feeling that you are the captain of your ship, rather than just a passenger.

What are the details of this new outlook? What will you do differently? What will you add in? When you feel yourself going off course, how will you remind yourself to come back to who you really are?

The final part of this strategy for greater spiritual integration is identifying or setting up support systems so that you don’t revert back to old habits.

Being intentional about creating your life in this way means that when faced with a decision or a time of stress, you can ask “What would my true self do?” and you’ll likely have a ready answer.

The Radio Spot

The next Spiritual Integration with Life Coach Laura show will air live on Friday, October 29 (and every last Friday of the month) at 11:30 ET on internet station, Blog Talk Radio.

All shows are recorded and available in the archive immediately after the live airing.  They are also available on iTunes.

This month I’ll be talking with shamanic practitioner, Sandy Phocas, who began her work as a psychiatrist, later training in multiple healing and spiritual practices, including with shamans in the US, South America, and Africa. This journey has led her to deeply trust in the wisdom hidden in the deepest parts of ourselves and the Universe. Her passion is sharing this path with others by helping them to not only heal, but to profoundly access their own truth, power, and creative life force energy.

Sandy will be discussing her evolution from psychiatrist to shamanic practitioner, as well as the joys and challenges that accompanied her transformation into a life that was more authentic for her. She will also be talking about the meaning of the term “shadow self” and how learning to make our shadow an ally can be a tool for spiritual integration.

To listen live, click here on the day of the show (this Friday at 11:30 ET) and then click on the word LIVE on the page that opens.  Click the same link later and go to the archive at the bottom of the page to listen to a recording. Past shows are also available.

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