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What Is Spiritual Integration, Part 1

Over the course of the summer I clarified my coaching practice focus and have begun offering spiritual integration coaching. What exactly is Spiritual Integration and why would we want it in our lives? First lets get more clear about the term Spiritual Integration. It’s about distilling down what you have in your intellect and moving it into your heart, so that you become a living embodiment of what is most important to you. It isn’t about religion or about any particular spiritual tradition although it’s entirely possible that your values and what empowers you stems from a religious framework, but you don’t even necessarily need to believe in a higher power to have spiritual integration work for you. Spiritual Integration, to me, means getting very clear about your values and your empowering belief systems and then leaning how to use them effectively in your everyday life. I’m most interested in helping people to find what nourishes their Human spirit, whatever that may be, so that they will be able call upon that when it’s most needed. I believe that when you really know who you are and are true to that authentic self, you will have a more productive, peaceful and joyful existence and you will be able to contribute more fully to others.

Having ready access to your values and beliefs helps you to live in integrity. You are much less like to engage in self-sabotaging behaviors or to find yourself acting like a hypocrite. We’ve all seen headlines about leaders of morality behaving immorally or know someone who doesn’t seem able to walk their talk. Maybe they need a spiritual integration coach or some other way for them to be more intentional and reflective in their life; some way to remind themselves of who they really are.

Spiritual integration is a way of calling yourself back when you feel like you are getting a bit out of balance. It’s also a way to begin to use your time, money and talents in an intentional way so that they become a true reflection of what is most important to you. Spiritual integration coaching helps you to formulate a plan to do both of these things so that when you are making a decision about where to go next in your life or you are dealing with a stressful situation you will already have a personalized tool box at your disposal.

Next month I’ll be discussing my 6-part strategy for becoming more spiritually integrated:  What do you care about?; What’s your current perspective or story?; What’s been the pay-off of sticking with that? What’s the pay-off of a new perspective?; What does the new perspective look like and what will it give you that you don’t have now?; and What are your support systems or tools for maintaining new habits? These distinctions help you to see yourself more clearly so that you can choose actions and behaviors that are really in line with who you want to be.

The Radio Spot

The next Spiritual Integration with Life Coach Laura show will air live on Friday, September 24 (and every last Friday of the month) at 11:30 ET on internet station, Blog Talk Radio.

All shows are recorded and available right after the live airing at the same link.  They are also available on iTunes.

To listen live, click here on the day of the show (this Friday at 11 ET) and then click on the word LIVE on the page that opens.

This month’s guest will be Stephen Lewis, a founder of EMC² and the co-author of Sanctuary: The Path to Conscious-ness. Lewis has been exploring energetic balancing for more than 25 years and his extensive studies helped him create The AIM Program of Energetic Balancing. EMC²’s purpose is to find imbalances in conscious- ness and offer energetic balancing as a way to assist living beings in the clearing and release of those imbalances in order to increase their well-being.

The AIM Program has earned the endorsements of Dr. Wayne Dyer, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Marci Shimoff, Kevin Trudeau and others. AIM has also been featured in national magazines including Science of Mind.


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