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Thank You for Sharing, Gremlins

“Thank you for sharing!” That’s what I tell the little voices of self-doubt and self-sabotage that sometimes appear in my head. You may hear these types of voices from time to time as well but contrary to what you might believe, those unhelpful voices aren’t coming from you. They are coming from the Gremlins. We all have them and hearing them doesn’t mean you are on the verge of a multiple-personality disorder – it just means you’re human. There’s probably some more scientific name for this phenomenon, but “Gremlins” sums it up pretty well, I think. They most often appear when you are trying something new, especially if that something has a little bit of risk to it. The mission of the Gremlins is to keep things the same, because business as usual is safe and Gremlins don’t like the uncertainty that comes with change.

Last month, as I sat watching the countdown to my debut radio show on my computer dashboard, I started to think of a bunch of reasons why it would be a good idea to postpone it yet another month. The workmen were still building our new patio and they were using loud power tools that would surely interfere with the sound. I needed at least another 2 hours to be as prepared as I’d really like to be. Those Gremlins were talking loud and fast about how things that take place via the internet are in cyberspace for the rest of eternity and did I really want to risk a blunder that would never die? I had to take a deep breath and tell them to be quiet, because with just a few minutes until air time, I couldn’t focus on all the things that were making me nervous. I really needed to focus on putting on the best show that I could.

Although it’s not possible to ever make Gremlins go away, recognizing that they are chattering allows you to over-ride them and to move forward with whatever it is that has the butterflies in your stomach doing backflips. A friend of mine put it so well the other day when we were talking about this very subject. She said, “When the voice I’m hearing is empowering to me and puts no limits on me, I know that it’s my own voice, which is aligned with God. When the voice is telling me about all the things I can’t do, I know it’s something else.”

I’m so glad that I didn’t listen to the Gremlins and went ahead with something new that was a bit outside my comfort zone. When your own Gremlins start chattering, don’t feel shy about telling them where to go, but if you feel like being a bit more polite, just tell them “thank you for sharing.”

Contact me to learn more about not letting your dreams get side-tracked by gremlins.


The Radio Spot

The first show of my new radio spot went well and the second show is just around the corner.  It will air on Friday, August 27 (and every last Friday of the month) at 11:30 ET on internet station Infinite Field Radio.

My show is called Spiritual Integration with Life Coach Laura and in it we’ll be exploring ways to get more clear about your values and empowering beliefs so that you can live them more fully.  This month’s guest will be Dave Ellis.  He is not only a master coach, but a philanthropist who has given millions of dollars and countless hours of his time and talents towards ending abject poverty. I’ll be talking to him about how this work is a reflection of his values and beliefs; how it came to be so important to him; and how he keeps himself on track and not feeling overwhelmed by this monumental issue.  Dave is energetic and entertaining and I look forward to being inspired about how I can further translate my beliefs into action.

To listen live, click here on the day of the show (this Friday at 11 ET) and then click on the word LIVE on the page that opens.  Click the same link later and go to the archive at the bottom of the page to listen to a recording.

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